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How to Create A Writing Space

Writing spaces, those enviable pictures on Instagram and are so stupidly staged that we look right past it all and drift off into our writing wonderland. Well here is a quick guide to creating your own ‘Photogenic Writing Space’

Remember this is a wonderland where the bedsheets are not only pristine white but ironed. I have never ironed a bedsheet in my life, even when the husband needed one as a backdrop for a photo shoot, I told him to edit out the bloody creases later.

Next, this wonderland should have a posy of wildflowers in an old glass milk bottle or enamel tin jug, clearly, these need to be picked fresh that morning by the aspiring author’s shirtless Mr Darcy as he strode through the dew kissed fields composing a sonnet just for her. These items may be substituted to suit your needs. For instance, a cactus or other succulent from Gillian Anderson would also work.

Our ‘photogenic writing space’ girl’s laptop should sit beside the oaken bedframe with a candle votive and a blue china plate of pastel coloured macaroons. I’ve never had a bloody macaroon and they really don’t look like the sort of thing you would eat in bed, they seem the type to have stealth crumbs that even the Dyson can’t catch.

Then our writer should also gather her unused notebooks and gilt fountain pen to lay on top of an untitled yet decorative book beside her and lastly fir cones… because everyone has fir cones on their bed. Not me… I’ve seen earwigs crawl out of them and I bet you they are called earwigs because young writers were forever having to have the little critters removed from their ears after strewing those thing on their beds.

Don’t forget to finish the whole thing off with our writer poking her wooly-socked feet in the shot to prove she does indeed have feet and add the Gingham filter. There you have your very own enviable wonderland writing space.


Nailed It!!