About L.S Black

This is me…

… well not all the time, maybe less makeup and not so flattering lighting, and I write horror.

I have a love for vintage fashion, anything horror, and all things curious and kooky.
Obviously I love all the big names in disturbing horror writers; King, Herbert, Barker, Hill. Also Orwell, Hitchcock, Thompson, Lovecraft and Verne.
I write because I get depressed when I don’t.
I write horror because it’s what I know.
From films to series and right through video and tabletop games. Some people ride roller coasters or jump out of planes (weirdos), I get my kicks from things that go bump in the night. I attribute this to being constantly anxious with an overactive imagination.
Yes, I was a goth back in the day, now I’m just eerily eccentric.

Favourite horror bad guy: Pinhead
Book I’ll never read again: Crickley Hall
Weirdest film to scare me: Signs
Last film to creep me out: First half of Insidious.
Last series to creep me out: The Haunting of Hill House.
Last book to creep me out: Mister B. Gone

I am almost at the end of my 6 year English Literature and Creative Writing degree, and have had my short story Charcoal Moons published in the first 25 Servings of Soop Anthology.