About Me

This is me, well not all the time, maybe less makeup and not so flattering lighting. When I’m not modelling or making costumes, designing makeup concepts or laying out other shoots, I’m either home educating my two children, wrestling with a horse sized husky or seriously procrastinating from doing housework. I am married to a very talented photographer who has me dress up, pose and then listens to me moan about how frumpy I look in most shots. I do it for him but secretly I really enjoy it. I love to hike or comb beaches and am currently madly in love with a T4 camper called Amos (named after a character by James S. A. Corey). In those brief moments between all this chaos, I write horror.

Why horror? When I was younger my father had an absurd amount of hardbacks. Their glossy black dust jackets and eerie artwork emerging from beneath the large bold font of the name King. Naturally, I would sneak a peek at the chapters and when nothing jumped out and tried to eat me I actually started to read them properly (as properly as a 10-year-old could). As someone with dyslexia I could hardly spell (still can’t) and grammar seemed like some alien runes I couldn’t grasp (Still don’t) but I could read. I remember the utter disapproval of the teacher in my primary school as I sat reading Pet Cemetery white the other children read Point Horror, I don’t recall thoroughly understanding it until secondary school but I understood enough to enjoy it. From there it was a natural progression through the likes of James Herbert and Clive Barker, the new kids like Joe Hill and the originals such as Stoker, Lovecraft, and Poe.

I am as yet, unpublished and unknown. I started studying for my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing to build my confidence enough to venture out into the world. During my 4th year though I stepped away from my studies to home educate my two young children which I absolutely adore doing. I also think it is time I actually do something with my work as a writer.

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