City Moths

City Moths  – Work in Progress


The future is a bleak place, what is left of humanity huddles around the unstable remains of once glowing cities and strive to carve out a living.

Corporations run the show, from the slim supplies of clean water pumped out of a dead sea to deciding the guilt of an accused in crimes. Suited man will be presented folders of information attributing to the crime and over coffee, they will pass down the verdict, all in a matter of minutes. Before you were even aware you had been pegged for the crime they could find you guilty and the next thing you know you are frozen, like a rabbit, at the barrel end of a licensed assassin’s gun.

The life of a licenced assassin is actually rather dull, find your target, kill your target and pin a little authorisation note to their corpse, yet two members of the Cherry Den guild have found the dullness submerged in a flood of questions and sharp turns as they fight to stay afloat when the warring corporations turn on them in the hunt for the Dornward heir.  Forced to ride with the Black Sand Runners across the scorched ruins they are making deals with devils just to make it to the next day.

Welcome to the dystopian world of City Moths.