Study Talk – The End is Near

With only 3 more essays to go, my first module on the road to my degree is coming to a close and I have loved every minute of it. I was able to not only embrace my inner Hermione but also prove to myself that I could study at an academic level. I studied course AA100 – The Arts Past and Present with the Open University which is a level 1 course that has pathways into many different degrees, I found it challenging and fascinating.

As an opening module, AA100 eased into essay writing and analysis that crossed 4 separate study books looking at Reputations, Traditions and Dissent, Cultural Encounters and Place and Leisure. I found some of the topics outside of my field of study rather testing such as close listening to Dimitri Shostakovich or Art History of Cezanne. Despite the struggle I was still able to learn and get a good marks for both essays. I was surprised at how well I have done so far, at how my work has progressed and can only say how affirming it has been to study a broad range of subjects and not fail horrifically. My tutor has been supportive and constructive in her feedback, making me understand where I needed to improve and when to look beyond a basic answer, this, in turn, has helped me keep my marks up along with my self-confidence.

So from here, it is onwards and upwards, not only to the next stage 1 module, for which I have opted to take DD103 – Investigating the Social World, but to take a stage 2 course alongside it. I finally get to A125 – Creative Writing and I couldn’t be more nervous. What if I am not good at creative writing? Can you really teach someone to be creative? What if I fail at the one thing I want from my life, to be a writer? I can’t answer these questions until this time next year after I’ve fully immersed myself into the course but I’m optimistic that this could be the start of something big. Finally, something might come to fruit from my need to write and that I’ll not pick holes in my work.

So stay tuned as I plan to write more stories when my current course ends and then I’ll document my journey through A125.

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