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My Creativity

Heck, I don’t just write. I, in fact, have a few creative outlets that I often indulge in. When my son turned 1 I realised that although my baking talents are non-existent I do however have a love for decorating cakes. So every year on their birthdays, my children are treated to my stressed out, sugar coated and edible paint covered self as I strive to meet their design requirements. Here is a look at a few of those cakes I have created over the years:

The Pirate Treasure Chest

My first attempt at cake decoration was my sons first birthday. A pirate treasure chest and edible map. It took over 30hrs to create and took 6 cakes to build. Tasted like crap but looked great! Now I buy all the cakes premade and just build, ice and decorate them myself.

Marvel meets DC

I don’t like the idea of a DC/Marvel mashup but when it comes to Lego, anything goes and so that’s what the boy got.

Stained Glass Dragon

My adult niece asked for a dragon cake for her birthday and so a stained glass dragon was what she got. The artwork was inspired by the art of Anne Louise. Every detail of it was painted free hand without a guide and I was very nervous of making a mistake.

The Winter Fairy

My Daughters first birthday cake, she was born two days before Christmas so a winter theme was decided. It took 3 days to create each of the snowflakes.

Rainbow Butterflies

For her 2nd birthday Thea wanted butterflies and so I hand painted and decorated a whole bunch of them for her rainbow cake.