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Brave New Steps

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If you have just wandered in from the depths of the internet, welcome. Please bear with me, as an aspiring writer I am only just toddling out into the world of submissions and competitions so what I have free to share with you is sparse.

My anxiety is on overdrive as I press the send on several of my closely guarded poems having never submitted before, so I am trying to drown this out by working on a few short stories that I hope will join the poems on an email attachment to publications very soon.

The biggest anxiety is seeing the extensive bios of accepted writers already neck deep in previously published glory, whereas little old me has the words ‘Aspiring new writer’ in front of not much else. Daunting is an understatement and I feel like the skinny guy at the Mr Muscles Championship whose mother talked him into it. Yet just like that guy I’m still going to strap on a number and pose my ass off. So rejection, come and get me! (Disclaimer: Please don’t come and get me, rejection. I’m happy not hearing anything and pretending my email was just lost in the ether)